Chinto enjoys writing fantasy and horror stories. Inspired by the myths and folklore his Mother and Tia Lucha passed down to him.

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Chinto has been creating comics since 2004.  His first one was "Twisted America."  However, it wasn't until 2013 that he self-published"Pins and Needles."  In 2014 he kickstarted "Last Unicorn."



Chinto has been enchanted by the art of animation since he was a toddler.  Disney and Ghibli have captivated his imagination and desire to pursue it as a career.

Jack "Chinto" Gonzalez

Chinto is a first generation American born in Hayward, California. He moved to Chicago at an early age his art is highly inspired by his own search for identity.  As a Mexican-American, he constantly struggled to find a place among his colleagues.  He found a passion for fantasy in order to escape the violence of south Chicago.  And his work is influenced by Anime, video games, horror, and his Mexican Catholic background.