Chinto enjoys writing fantasy and horror stories. Inspired by the myths and folklore his Mother and Tia Lucha passed down to him.


Chinto has been creating comics since 2004.  His first one was "Twisted America."  However, it wasn't until 2013 that he self-published"Pins and Needles."  In 2014 he kickstarted "Last Unicorn."


Chinto has been enchanted by the art of animation since he was a toddler.  Disney and Ghibli have captivated his imagination and desire to pursue it as a career.

Jack "Chinto" Gonzalez

Chinto is a first generation American born in Hayward, California. He moved to Chicago at an early age his art is highly inspired by his own search for identity.  As a Mexican-American, he constantly struggled to find a place among his colleagues.  He found a passion for fantasy in order to escape the violence of south Chicago.  And his work is influenced by Anime, video games, horror, and his Mexican Catholic background.