Bump in the road.

So I didn’t get approved for the loan needed to cover the fall semester of DePaul. They wanted a co-signer which I refused. So anyways this leaves me without being able to attend school. However in an attempt to do the most with my time I’ve started the next story of Melvin the Last Unicorn. It has been three years since I did the first one and a year since I did Dawn of the Peggy. The goal is to do a 120 page book. I say the goal because the first chapter was supposed to be 24 pages but I am already into page 39. So, I will have to either make the book larger or cut down on the “chapters.” Mostly due to finances. The more pages the more expensive it will be to print.

I’ve also made the decision to cut back on conventions for next year. This year I didn’t do as many as the previous five years and from the looks of it next year will be even less. It is not that I want to stop doing conventions its that I want to refocus and get the most out of the convention. I believe in 2019 I will have a better brand to represent me and better product to get people to want to invest in. Times are rough and I want to give the best bang for the buck to the people who decide to purchase my art.

Lately I’ve been listening to ComixLaunch podcast by Tyler James of ComixTribe. I’m impressed with the knowledge and advice he gives in it. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of launching a kickstarter.

So that’s my update. Thanks for reading it and hope you like the redesign of the website as I try to establish my new brand!

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