I have not posted for a year. I went on a path of self-knowledge and reevaluation. I have continued to work on my art and feel like a have finally developed my own style. The most important thing is that I have rediscovered myself. I am more in touch with my indigenous roots and have the drive to bring stories of my ancestors to the world. Not only that I have written original fairy tales as I have gone back to reread the classics. That has influenced my writing and my stories, I really hope you guys enjoy what I have cooking up.

It has been a year since my wife had major surgery and now we are both trying to get back to what we love. We are producing new products with a touch of the flare from our Hispanic culture. Our store will have the new products up as soon as possible.

As for my new challenge, I will be updating this blog a minimum of once a week. Wish me luck!

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