The Road Not Taken

There is a fine balance in America when it comes to college education. I’ve known from friends and families the struggles of the debt gained from pursuing an education. Perhaps that is why I have postponed getting a Bachelors degree for so long. The fear of investing time and accruing a mountain of student loan debt is frighting. Added to that is the fear of getting a degree that will do nothing for advancing our career, or satisfying our personal goals. For many years I pondered the question of what I should major in if I was to go to school. I thought about Marine Biology but living in Chicago my opportunities would be limited. Thought about IT so I can advance in my current job. However, the thought of spending the rest of my life in that department gave me shivers.

It came down to me realizing that everything I was thinking about was taking me in a path away from my passion. I love art and creating stories. I was just scared of failing in it. So in the end I took a deep breath and meditated… Sounds odd but I needed to clear my head and shut down that inner me who panics about the future. I weighed my options and they came down to two. 1. Give up on art and dedicate all of my energy into advancing further in a career that I would give me money but not personal satisfaction. 2. Gamble and take a risk on my self further my art knowledge and skills and pursue my passion.

Either one in the end could result in failure. So I told myself why not fail following my heart than fail on a plan B that would take me away from my passion. So starting Monday March 27 I am starting my journey down a scary path. Like Robert Frost’s hitchhiker, I am perhaps taking the road less traveled and perhaps down the line I will look back at this moment and regret not taking the other road. But life is made of choices and this is my choice. Perhaps one day I’ll also look back and sigh but I will gamble on myself. Here’s hoping this blog will work to prove I made the right choice.

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